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Creating a game in Pygame: Player Movement and Enemy AI (1 of 2)

Enemy AI is an important aspect of any game. Graphics, story, and music can all be drowned out if your game contains some wonky or useless AI or gameplay. Sometimes graphics takes a backseat and the developer can create a memorable experience from gameplay and simple graphics. When you decide to make your first game, think about the users’ experience. Try and think about what adventure you want them to

Creating a Game in Pygame: Draw Images in Pygame

That’s my checklist for getting started in making a game. After creating the game window, setting up my character, getting my character to move, …hmmmm… ah, yes! Loading images and a background. First, we’ll need to think about what kind of game we are going to create. Then, we will have to either make our own 2D sprites for the game, or download free ones. Finally, let’s write a little

Creating a Game in Pygame: Introduction and Three Types of Character Movements

I am writing this blog because I really love programming and creativity.  I believe that the only way to get better at something is to practice and get involved in your passions in as many ways as you can. The main language that I use is Python and I wanted to improve my skills as a programmer by also learning Pygame. I got interested in programming years ago by programming