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Books for AI – July 2019

Reading is important. I believe we have all heard something like that in our lives. While doing research at college for my degree I remember watching a lot of YouTube videos. I also did a lot of Google searches. Often I found that I understood much of the knowledge of what I had viewed at the time. However, more often than not I found that I had not retained that

Create Buttons in Tkinter

Originally, the plan for this tutorial was to continue talking about layouts and the different layout managers in Tkinter. I was also going to include the Button widget. But then I started writing the tutorial and it was so jam-packed that I decided to separate them to make things much easier. So today let’s learn about a new and important widget, the Button widget. By the end of this tutorial,

Use Tkinter to Design GUI Layout

Today’s tutorial might be a short, but very important, one when it comes to making a GUI: the layout. Previously, we talked about the basics of getting started with Tkinter – creating the window, and creating a Label to display text or images. However, I found that the layout of the window needed some work as boxes and images didn’t look very organized. So rather than teaching about Buttons or

My Experience Designing a One Day Science and Technology Camp

Last month, I had a friend approach me with an amazing offer. My friend is definitely a very outgoing person, and long story short, she wanted me to help her design a one day science and technology camp for some really awesome children. The task: Design a creative and educational camp that would introduce children to robotics through Project Based Learning (PBL) and Problem Based Learning (PBL), and allow them

Creating a Game in Pygame: Health, Score and Lives

After completing today’s tutorial we will have finished a lot of loose ends in the space shooter. Every game has some kind of display or system to tell the player their current status, such as their health or strength, and some kind of reward system, displaying a score or even giving actual rewards for achieving some goal. These are all used as a way to give the player feedback about

Creating a Game in Pygame: Enemy Drops and Power-Ups

Today was the first snow of the winter season here in Hangzhou, China. It was so nice to see snow again. Most space shooters rely on a way to either improve the ship’s capabilities or on random power-ups that enemy characters pick up when they are destroyed. So for our space shooter we are going to create two types of power-ups: a shield and missiles. Each will have its own